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Memorial Day

Hey Sparkles, Today is Memorial Day, which kicks off summer and is a great time for bbqs, but what is it really about?

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Blueberry Picking


Hi Sparkles, Faith here after a fun experience picking blueberries. We picked our own blueberries for just $8 per gallon! The most important thing I learned is that blueberries stain anything possible. Also, the blueberries growing in the shade are sweeter than the ones in the sun. Some of my Sparkles reading this might be […]

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Up and running


What’s Up, Sparkles? Faith here after a long night of Googling till my eyes fell out. I have now customized my site to red, and I have a tagline: Sparkles Away! Special thanks to Jane Galay for the tagline. I will now post new posts very soon and will update my Sparkles with like every […]

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First Post

Welcome to Sparkle-Band-A-Faith Blog! This is the first post! All my fans will be called Sparkles, so in future posts all Sparkles will be addressed. Tune in for more later! See ya Sparkles, Sparkle-Band-A-Faith Team PS: For the other pages, you will need the member exclusive password: Sparkles

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