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This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

Hey, Sparkles! How are you today? Earlier this week I was eating lunch at my grandparents’ house and we saw a buzzard. Mono, my grandmother, missed the entire thing and asked what it was. Pawpaw, my grandfather, decided to be silly, so he said it was a pterodactyl. My sisters believed him, even though he was kidding. I decided to continue the silliness, so I wrote this news article about the alleged spotting of a pterodactyl. I thought you would like to read it, so here it is:

Pterodactyl Spotted in Houston County, or was there?

Earlier this evening, Sparkle-Band-A-Faith News got a call from a member of our society. The woman on the phone was very excitable. She said she had seen a pterodactyl, the only one left from the age of the dinosaurs. In an extremely high-pitched and nearly frightened voice, the woman said it had been hiding in her backyard woods since the age of the dinosaurs, nearly 6 million years ago.

Our newspaper team came out to her house, where it seemed the lady and her husband, as well as the six children they were taking care of, were clearly excited. “It was circling, and it had a fish in its beak,” said one of the kids. She was about seven or eight years old. Our newspaper artist, Miss Gloria P. drew a picture of the description of the pterodactyl.

After nearly 20 minutes of talking to the people, Sparkle-Band-A-Faith News decided to run the story. Unfortunately, as soon as we got back to the news station to write the article and publish it, the same lady called again to tell us that the whole thing was a hoax. It was only a buzzard circling above their heads as they ate on the porch. They just decided to make a big deal out of it.

The conclusion to this pterodactyl story:

There you go, Sparkles. That is my news article I wrote. I hope you enjoyed it. I tried to make it enjoyable and light-hearted, as well as funny. Please let me know what I should do for my next post. Sparkles Away!!!!

– The Sparkler

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