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This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

Hey Sparkles. I went and saw a new movie in theatres. The film is entitled “The Star.”

About this movie:

This movie is about Jesus’ birth story, and a ditsy donkey named Bo is the main character.

Positive aspects of “The Star.”

  • A hint at another part of the Bible story – Elizabeth saying to Zachariah, “I liked you better when you COULDN’T talk!”
  • Always coming back and focusing on the star.
  • Kid-Friendly plot.
  • Christmas carol underscores matches perfectly with the action.
  • Great animation.
  • Awe-inspiring message.
  • Cute characters – see below.
  • The perfect balance between reverence and irreverence.

Main Character List “The Star.”

  • Ruth, a brave sheep who is in love with Bo
  • Dave, a loyal dove who is Bo’s BFF
  • Leah, a singing horse
  • Abby, a silly mouse
  • Deborah, a wise camel
  • Two other camels
  • A wide-eyed goat named Zach
  • Two mean dogs – Thaddeus and Rufus
  • Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • Joseph, Mary’s husband
  • Elizabeth & Zachariah
  • A bored cow named Edith

Negative aspects of “The Star.”

  • Mild potty humor from the dove, who says he needs a person to go “number two.”
  • Two scary dogs that go around tearing up things.
  • Bo repeatedly makes enormous destruction in Nazareth.
  • King Herod is very evil and sinister.

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