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Saint Patrick's Day Symbols

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


Hey Sparkles! Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. You may be wondering how this festive day of green got started. Well, here you go, my customary research because I enjoy learning about holidays I have taken for granted forever. History of Saint Patrick’s Day Well, St. Patrick’s Day is the feast day of the Irish missionary […]

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52 Godly Women – First meeting with Mrs. Pat McClure


Hey Sparkles! So, you know how I told you I would update you on each of my 52 godly women meetings?  If you don’t, read this post. If you do, read on. So, I’ve been really bad at that, but here is the second post I’ve done about a godly woman. This was actually the […]

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My 52 Godly Women meeting with Mrs. Beth Wells


Hey Sparkles! I am so sorry I’ve been tardy with posting about my 52 Godly women meetings, but here one is. My meeting this past week was with Mrs. Beth Wells. She runs Social Circle Theatre and also administrates a group of Bible Study Fellowship or BSF.     To learn more about them, here […]

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Free Adult Coloring Page

Free adult coloring book page!!!


Hey Sparkles! I am compiling an adult coloring book with hand-drawn patterns and will be selling it on Amazon. This adult coloring book has 25 designs in it and today I am giving away one of them for free if you sign up for my mailing list. How to get this adult coloring book: Here […]

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