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This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

Hey Sparkles! Today I am going to tell you about a no-budget movie my middle school music class made. We called it Zeussical. There were no retakes and very little editing. The skit itself is about Heracles, the strongest man alive.

Story of Heracles

Heracles was the son of the head god Zeus and a mortal woman, so Zeus’ wife was jealous of him. She always wanted to hurt him, so when he was a baby, she put two deadly snakes in his bed. All Heracles did with the snakes was crush them in his tiny fists.

Hera relented for a time, but then Heracles got married and had a child. Her jealousy was so great that she poisoned his drink. The poison didn’t kill Heracles like Hera was planning, but he went into a royal rage and killed his wife and children without meaning to.

When he woke up from his rage, he immediately realized what he had done and went to Zeus to apologize. Zeus had to banish him, so he went next to Hera, Zeus’ wife. Hera, being her usual malicious self, assigned him 10 impossible tasks to do to prove that he was “the strongest man in the world.” After completing all 12 of his 10 tasks, Hera was forced to let him back into Olympus.

Our skit

The part of this story covered by our skit is just the part about the poison. The skit is two minutes and eighteen seconds long. It is hilariously funny, but it all goes to show that it does not take a million dollars to make a movie. While you are on Youtube, click the subscribe button for notifications. My PEMDAS video is coming soon. If you aren’t sure what I mean, go read my post here. Also, follow me on Facebook. Here is the link to the skit. Hope you enjoy!

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