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Meeting with my Aunt Elizabeth Rice for 52 Godly Women

Hey Sparkles! Today I am going to tell you about my visit with my Aunt Elizabeth Rice. We had a lot of adventures, including a ginormous map, a few dirt roads, and a bridge that looked like it was made of twist ties.

My exciting adventure with Aunt Elizabeth

So, we went to a monastery. My mother tried to give us directions, but then she told us about a shortcut we could take. Unfortunately, neither one of us fully processed the information.  We mistakenly turned onto this road, and then it turned into a dirt road in the woods. Then, we turned on another dirt road and this time we went over a bridge that looked like it was made of twist-ties. I am genuinely surprised we didn’t fall in the stream. We finally had to stop somewhere and get out the ginormous Georgia map. We found where we were and got back on our way.

After we walked around and explored the beautiful monastery, we had a nice picnic lunch on the lawn. That was where we talked. The main thing she told me is to stop and think before you do or say something. I think that is really hard for people because our first nature is to act impulsively. Stopping and thinking will give you time to evaluate if this is the right decision or if there is a wiser choice you can make. Aunt Elizabeth also told me that she would never be a teenager again, even if someone gave her a million dollars.

The monks spend lots of time listening for the small, still voice of God. This was the biggest takeaway from these monks. When you are walking, it is absolutely silent except for the sounds of nature. The landscape was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

Alright, well that’s all for today’s post. Happy Wednesday Wisdom! If you want to get all of my godly women reflections, subscribe to my email list and specify on the form “Wednesday Wisdom.” Or just say “All of the Above.” Check out my coloring book, and have a great day. Sparkles away!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Aunt Elizabeth says:

    Loved our day together, and I love you!

  2. Grandy Mike (Gloria's tag) says:

    Faith, Howdy young lady:

    I wanted to see what Mono said about Bring Your Bible to School Day and clicked the + link but it didn’t work, OK, try another, so on to Granddaddy Mike on Godly Women, Jenni Simmons: huh? no way, not two in a row. Am I doing this wrong or do the links not work, then last I tried at random September 2017 to see if that would work; nope, not at all.

    Tell me what to do to check out your archives and how to get there if these links do not work.

    Y’all took a glam photo with Grandma Bubbly last Sun. I was so tired from having had the worship service, that I just say down in her room and went ‘sound asleep’. Y’ll might have been able to take the photo there with me if y’all had been quiet (like that’s gonna happen) and it’d included me without me knowing a Thing about it I enjoyed our brief visit after the resident party out front for the photo your Dad said for you to photoshop. Did you do that? If so, was the result worth viewing? If so, would you send me a copy of ‘before and after’ shots?

    Agape and miss you, Granddaddy Mike

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