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52 Godly Women – First meeting with Mrs. Pat McClure

Hey Sparkles! So, you know how I told you I would update you on each of my 52 godly women meetings?¬†52 Godly Women If you don’t, read this post. If you do, read on. So, I’ve been really bad at that, but here is the second post I’ve done about a godly woman. This was actually the first godly woman meeting I had, on Friday, October 13th, 2017. Therefore, I’m really late on posting this, but I’m doing it now.

This first godly woman I had was Mrs. Pat McClure. With her, I got the unique opportunity to make homemade cards using stamps and pretty pens. I also got to connect with her and she told me about how her husband had died. This was sad to hear about, but also encouraging to hear what she has done with her life after her husband’s death. She even wrote a book.

The Most Important Thing I learned at this 52 godly women meeting:

The most important¬†thing I learned from my meeting with Mrs. Pat McClure was that even if something tragic happens to you, don’t let it stop you from doing God’s plan in your life. God’s plan is so much higher and more majestic than anything you could ever plan for yourself.

That’s all for today, Sparkles. Sorry that I am really bad at the whole writing things down thing. Check out my coloring book:Thanks for reading, Sparkles. Sparkles away!!!

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    Practice Faith.
    Love Pawpaw

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