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Museum of Aviation Field Trip

Hey Sparkles! Happy Friday! For today’s Family Friday blog post, I am writing about my family’s field trip to the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia.

The Museum of Aviation largely focuses on the Air Force’s role in past wars. It has over 80 aircraft and is the 2nd largest Air Force Museum. Also, it is the 4th most visited Department of Defence (DOD) Museum. Established in 1984, it sports over 500,000 annual visitors.

The first wing we went into was about the Korean War. Sometimes, this war is called the forgotten war, because it was so short and inconsequential in the long history of wars in America. The Korean War lasted from 1950-1953.

“Teamed for Defense” was the motto of the Warner Robins Air Material Area (WRAMA) during the Korean conflict. After the end of World War Two, Robins became a major storage depot for the B-29 “Superfortress.” As B-29s were again called to duty, it took an average of sixteen thousand man-hours to recondition each. Robins also performed major overhauls on Air National Guard F-80s and F84s prior to their deployment to Korea.

The next exhibit we saw was commemorating Robins Air Force Base and World War Two. We learned about the music of the era, which was called “swing” and played on jazz instruments. We also learned that prisoners of war were mostly used as farm laborers. After Germany surrendered, German prisoners were permitted to work on war-related jobs.

There were four types of P-51 missions commonly flown in World War Two; Ramrod, Sweep, Close Ground Support, and Divebombing.

Well, that’s all for today, Sparkles. If you liked this post, be sure and read my Monday Moment post from this week here. Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away!

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  1. Phyllis Peavey says:

    Like your post on the air museum. Informative. I didn’t know the Korean War was named the foegotten war. Keeo up the good work.

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