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Back to School Essentials

I am officially back to school! I am sort of glad to be back with my friends, but it is not as exciting to do homework. 😒 School is always challenging, and I love it! Well, I am the smartest kid in the class. Just last Thursday, I taught my teacher how to diagram sentences. That was pretty awesome. I would like all my Sparkles to be prepared for school, so I will put a link in here for some basic school supplies, such as colored pencils, crayons, glue sticks, handheld pencil sharpeners, and pencils.

What else do I need to go back to school?

Have a cute backpack, some lip balm (I recommend EOS brand), a wallet, bobby pins and hairties, water bottles (3), a pencil case, Orbit gum, binders and notebooks, a planner, a simple calculator, some mascara, and three slightly fabricated stories of what you did over the summer.

Thanks for reading, Sparkles, and have a great week. This post is really cool to use as a fabricated story about you.

– The Sparkler

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