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Blueberry Picking

Hi Sparkles,

Faith here after a fun experience picking blueberries. We picked our own blueberries for just $8 per gallon! The most important thing I learned is that blueberries stain anything possible. Also, the blueberries growing in the shade are sweeter than the ones in the sun.

Some of my Sparkles reading this might be wondering how to pick blueberries. Well, here goes. First, you find the darkest shade of blue colored blueberry. Do not pick the green, red, or purple berries. Then, you grab it between your two pincher fingers and pull. Then you just pick as many of the berries as you want.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed. Tell me what you thought of this in the comments section and I’ll see you later.

Sparkles Away!

I love my Sparkles

Giant Blueberry



2 Responses so far.

  1. Phyllis Peavey says:

    I DID like your article about blueberry picking. Maybe I’ll go pick some. Love, Mono.

  2. Granddaddy Mike says:

    Your article is informative and makes picking them sound like not only fun but for good eating as well. You’ve picked them here in times past to take home to eat. Suggestion: name some of the ways you and your family like to eat blueberries, both fresh and cooked.
    In Christ’s love,
    Granddaddy Mike

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