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This is where I talk about my businesses. Sparkle-Band-A-Faith is a general name I use to sell my coloring book and run this blog.

52 Godly Women Susan Dose

52 Godly Women – My Meeting with Emily Osbourne


Hey Sparkles, I am sorry for not posting my next 52 Godly Women update sooner. If you don’t remember why I’m doing this project, go to my original post. My posts will now come three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Mondays, I will do a “Monday Moment” post, which will tell about an […]

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Hi Sparkles, Today I want to tell you a story. A few weeks ago my family was taking a walk around our neighborhood to, as my mother put it, “get our exercise in.” When we were coming back, our next door neighbor told us to come over and test this new chair he was making […]

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