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Christmas Traditions

Hey Sparkles! Happy Family Friday. Christmas is coming soon, so I thought it would be a good time to write about Christmas traditions.

What makes Christmas special is not the presents, it is how you spend your time at Christmas. My family always sleeps on mattresses on the living room floor on Christmas Eve. We have done it for as long as I can remember. Also on Christmas Eve, we go to our church’s Christmas Eve service and then come home to open our stockings. The stockings always contain matching Christmas pajamas and an ornament. We also read the Nativity story from Luke chapter 2 and Matthew chapter 1.

Some traditions that people do include mistletoe, Santa Clause, Elf on the Shelf, and watching Christmas movies.

What are your Christmas traditions? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to know.

Well, that’s all for today Sparkles! Have a very merry Christmas, thanks for reading, and Sparkles away.

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