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Coco Movie Review

Hey Sparkles! Happy Family Friday! I hope all of you are doing well and want a movie review because here one comes. Today’s post is a movie review for the Pixar film Coco.

At first, when I heard that the movie was about the Day of the Dead, I thought that it would be bad. But when I finally watched the movie, it touched me. It is a beautiful story about love, sacrifice, and family, not to mention the songs are amazing. I think my favorite song is La Llorona, where Miguel’s great-grandmother sings while trying to escape from the bad guy. You can watch the clip here. I also like the rather funny song Un Poco Loco.

The story revolves around the young boy Miguel. He lives in Mexico and loves music. The only problem is: in his family, music is taboo. So he has a hideout where he idolizes the singer Ernesto De La Cruz. He has even taught himself to play the guitar. Miguel loves his grandma Coco, and the story surrounding his family. When Miguel gets stuck in the land of the dead, he convinces himself that Ernesto De La Cruz is his long-lost great-grandfather and goes off in search of Cruz’s blessing. The problem is: he has to get his blessing by dawn or he becomes dead and can never return to the land of the living again.

Well, that’s all for today, Sparkles. I hope you enjoyed this post. Here is a link to buy or rent the movie on Amazon. Thanks for reading, and sparkles away!

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  1. Phyllis Peavey says:

    Interesting writing, Faith.

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