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The Cricket in Times Square Book Review

Hey Sparkles! Happy Friday! For today’s Family Friday blog post, I am writing a book review on a book I recently read. It is called The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden.

The basis of the book is this: in a subway station in New York City, a boy named Mario runs a newspaper stand for his parents. It is losing business rapidly. There is also a mouse named Tucker and a cat named Harry that watches the boy. One day, a cricket from the country happens along and gets adopted by Mario, much to his mother’s dismay. The cat and mouse make friends with Chester and show him around.

Tucker, Harry, and Chester make lots of devilish mischief over the course of this book, and each time, Mario’s mother wants to get rid of Chester.

Long story short, the cricket ends up saving the business of the newspaper stand with his musical ability. Even Mario’s mother ends up liking Chester. It is a very sweet story, and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it with all my Sparkles.

So, if you want to read The Cricket in Times Square, you can buy the book here or the audible version here. Well, that’s all for today, Sparkles. Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away!

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