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Godly Woman Chrystal Hildreth

Hey Sparkles! Happy Wednesday Wisdom. How are you today? I hope you are doing well, because today I am going to discuss my 52 Godly Women meeting with Mrs. Chrystal Hildreth, my mother’s friend.

Before she moved to Dubai to be a missionary, she used to run a summer camp themed on the Little House on the Prairie books. For a week, we got to go and cook, read, and do time-period crafts based on one of the books. I got the unique opportunity to visit with her while she was home for the holidays last year and hear all about the beautiful Middle-Eastern country of Dubai.

Mrs. Chrystal Hildreth gets to witness to the Islamic people in Dubai, as well as sight see the beautiful city and beaches. Did you know she did not originally plan to go to Dubai, but was called by God to go with her family into a new land, just like Abraham in the Bible. She taught me of the importance of listening to God’s direction, even if it seems strange at the time.

Well, that’s all for today, Sparkles. I hope you liked this post today. Please leave your feedback below in the comments. I always love hearing from my loyal Sparkles. Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away.

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