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Godly Woman Rhea Perry

Hey Sparkles! Happy Wednesday! For today’s Wednesday Wisdom blog post, I will be posting about my 52 Godly Women meeting with one of my mentors – Rhea Perry, affectionately referred to as “Mama Rhea.”

I was able to have the unique experience of shadowing Mrs. Rhea Perry at the Teach them Dilligently Atlanta homeschool conference. I helped her run her booth in the sponsors hall, and attended two of her sessions. In her sessions, she spoke about combining home business and homeschooling. It was incredibly fun.

The thing I learned about being a speaker is that you always need to have your presentation on a thumb drive. This is so that you are prepared for technical difficulties, including computer crashes. I also learned that when there are no people coming by your booth, you can network with the people in the booths nearby. You can actually make some new friends by doing this.

Well, that’s all I have for you today, Sparkles. I hope you enjoyed this post and hearing about my experience. Remember to tune back in next Wednesday for another 52 Godly Women post. Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away!

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