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History of Silent Night

Hey Sparkles! Happy Monday! For today’s Monday Moment post, I decided to write a post on the 200th anniversary of the Christmas carol “Silent Night.”

In 1818, Josef Mohr, a German monk in the church, wrote a Christmas poem named “Stille Nacht.” On Christmas Eve, he discovered that the organ wouldn’t work, and couldn’t be finished before Christmas. So he took his poem to the church organist, Franz Gruber, explained the problem, and told him to write a tune to the poem that could be played on guitar. Then, it didn’t matter that the organ was broken, because they had a song to sing at the Christmas Eve mass. 

When the organ repairman came, he was impressed with the simple song and its story and memorized it to teach everywhere he went. From there, the song spread all over the earth, and was translated into many different languages.

During World War I, both sides called a four day Christmas truce, and sang Silent Night together, each in their own language. There is a book about this story called Silent Night, The Story of the Christmas Truce. You can buy it here.

Well, that’s all I have for today, Sparkles! Have a great Christmas Eve! Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away!

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