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July 17, 2017

Hi Sparkles,

Sorry my post is late today, I was at a theatre camp. I want to tell you that today is National Peach Ice Cream Day and National Emoji Day. I will first give a short (I hope) history of emojis. Ready or not, here we go.

The first emoji was created in 1998 by a man named Shigetaka Kurita. He wanted a way to send pictures back and forth without using much data. Then, Apple popularized emojis in 2010. Now, there are about 1,851 emojis. Some of them can even change skin tone!!! That is the history of emojis in a nutshell.

Now for a brief description of peach ice cream:

Peach ice cream was named after a girl named Nellie Melba, when she served her friend peaches over vanilla ice cream. The reason we celebrate National Peach Ice Cream Day in July is simple, most peaches are at peak ripeness in July, and it is hot outside, and ice cream is cold and delicious.

That’s all I have for you today, Sparkles except a stress ball shaped like an emoji for if you get stressed out. Make sure you subscribe to our email list and read my other posts if you haven’t. Sparkles Away!!!!

Here’s the stress ball:

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  1. Mono says:

    I think I’ll buy some stress balls. great idea. Mono

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