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Labor Day

Hi Sparkles, sorry, my post is late today, I was at the Atlanta Zoo with my family. I had lots of fun at the zoo. My Dad was off work today! My dad is off work because today is Labor Day.

Labor Day is always the end of summer and the closing of outdoor pools, but what started it? I mean, how come we have this holiday and what does it mean? I decided to do some research on this topic, and I am ready to share with you all of my findings.

Labor Day is a yearly tribute to all the people who have worked hard all year. To labor means to work hard, so I find it interesting that everybody doesn’t work on “work day.” Crazy, right? June 28, 1894, was the day that Labor Day began to be a national holiday.

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  1. Phyllis Peavey says:

    I didn’t work today. Glad you had a trip to the zoo.

  2. Granddaddy Mike says:

    Your Mom sent me the photo of you young ‘birds’ in that giant nest at the zoo; Grandma to see it tomorrow and she’ll get a ‘hoot’ out of those birds playing and resting in the nest. When she and I were kids, we always had Labor Day off from school: I never in 28+ years teaching had one Labor Day off from my teaching work; things do change.

  3. Phyllis Peavey says:

    Faith, your new format for your blog is very easy to negotiate. I think it will encourage more readers to check it out. Your blond, bespeckled “Sparkler ” is perfect. Love it. Your forever Mono.

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