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Life on the Home Front

Hey Sparkles! Happy Family Friday! And yes, today is Friday. I checked the calendar. I wouldn’t know without it, though. Life has lost all sense of time during this season.

I’m writing today’s blog post as kind of an update post since I haven’t posted in forever. My life has been kind of crazy. Since this whole coronavirus thing, I have completed my spring semester of college classes, despite the fact they aren’t officially due until May 1. For my end-of-spring/summer semester, I am taking a Health class, from a website called Seven Sister’s homeschool. I am also taking a typing course, from typing.com’s website. Hopefully, it will help me be a better typer.

I still haven’t finished my worldview class, but that will be done on May 20. Then I will just have health and typing. I may possibly be doing Environmental Science, but I started it and it was very evolution heavy. So I’m not sure if I want to do that class.

Another thing I am doing is taking walks around my neighborhood, and calling my friend so we can take walks together.

I am also working on several graphic design projects, and I am hoping to become a freelance graphic designer.

Next week, I will post again, and it will be an actual post. I will post some book, movie, or song recommendations.

Well, that’s all for today, Sparkles. Just remember, we’re going to get through this. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the “Open America Up Again” plan, and what your state is doing along those lines. Or just comment and tell me what you have been up to lately. Basically just comment. It’s not like you have anything better to do. Well, sorry for the ramble. Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away!

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  1. John (Granddaddy Mike) Michael Wallace says:

    Re. the statement ” I may possibly be doing Environmental Science, but I started it and it was very evolution heavy. So I’m not sure if I want to do that class.” Should you run from that class because they have different and non-Biblical ideas, specifically an ‘evolution paradigm’ in which they base all their ‘scientific ASSUMPTIONS upon’ whereas you hold the Biblical history of Genesis of Noah’s flood to be true and therefore completely opposite theirs? I have 3 scientific based DVD’s of proof’s that the Genesis flood IS true and factual, from a number of scientific disciplines including Geology, Paleontology, Information Science, Statistcs, Radiometric Dating, Chemistry, Cosmology and Ethics. Not a small set of unknowns here. I’d invite you to view them with your Dad, or with Granddaddy Mike or both at separate times or even together, to see whether you’d have necessary data to back up your beliefs from both a Biblical & Christian point of view with evidence availalle from peer reviewed scientific journals of international repute? It’s a tremendous challenge but I think, Faith, you’re able and up to the challenges it may offer. Additionally, you may help another decide to look at scientific evidence with which they are neither familiar or which their own teacher’s have kept from them to guide their point of view away from Biblical insights and toward evolutionary speculations presented cleverly as evolutionary fact yet which are not fact, but only disguised speculation to appear as factual. The names of the three are. 1. Programming of Life, 2. Is Genesis History? and 3. Evolution’s Achilles Heels. #1 is about 44 minutes total and contains Statistical and Probability mathematics as well as firmly founded in Information Science and it’s math and research. #2 is about an hour and a half & contains a number of PhD’s in a number of scientific disciplines some of which teach as well known University settings, as well as a Hebrew PhD scholar and a PhD minister. It begins in the Grand Canyon with a PhD Geologist describing how the flood of Genesis helped form that huge place. #3 is just over 90 minutes and has 15 PhD’s, all professors in Universities from New Zealand, Australia, US, Holland, Great Britain, and Finland. All have very high standard production values, It is also produced by Creation Ministries of which the Ark Museum in Ky is a part with Ken Ham though he is not among the presenters.
    Please pray about it and see what & where the Lord leads you in this; away from this fight or into this fight with evolutionary theory with it’s deep time, that is, billions of years or to Genesis and it’s history we find in our Bible, and which Jesus Christ also believes and scripture says, was there at and involved in Creation itself.
    P.S. you may borrow my copies or I’ll purchase copies you may heep for future reference that other students you know may also use & from which they may gain significant information not generally found in college or university libraries,

  2. Tammy Barton says:

    Wow…Seems like you are really staying busy! Good for you!! Sure do miss all the Peavey family and hope we can all be together soon! Thanks for the update about the day of the week! I truly do not know anymore unless I actually look at my calendar…LOL Enjoy your weekend…LOL God’s got this!!!!

  3. E says:

    I have been playing in the fire this evening!!!I love fire!!! I was outside much of today it was a beautiful day!

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