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Godly Woman Lorina Harris

Hey Sparkles! Happy Wednesday Wisdom! Today’s post is about my Godly woman Lorina Harris. If you don’t remember why I’m doing this, read my original post that explains it in detail.

Lorina Harris is known as the Art Smart Lady. At the moment, her main business is teaching art in various forms. She is also learning more about the travel industry by being a travel agent, and how she can combine the several loves of her life together. Those are God, people, art (the arts, too) and travel. The way I met her was actually not through my 52 Godly Women program, it was through Mama Rhea’s group, Educating for Success. I absolutely love Rhea Perry’s philosophy of going back to the old ways of business instead of just getting a job. Anyway, my meeting with Mrs. Harris was really encouraging.

The biggest thing I learned from Lorina Harris

A big part of life is learning that problems will happen and figuring out how to adjust to that. You have to make things work after they do show up, and not freak out at every little bump in the road to success.

That’s all for today, Sparkles! I hope you were as encouraged by Mrs. Harris’ wisdom as I was. If you want to follow her on this really cool site that you can make money for posting, click here. If you’re old school, and just want to follow her on Facebook, you can do that here.

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