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My 52 Godly Women meeting with Mrs. Beth Wells

Hey Sparkles! I am so sorry I’ve been tardy with posting about my 52 Godly women meetings, but here one is.

My meeting this past week was with Mrs. Beth Wells. She runs Social Circle Theatre and also administrates a group of Bible Study Fellowship or BSF.

BSF Logo



To learn more about them, here is the link to their website. This week I got the privilegeĀ of accompanying Mrs. Beth to her teacher’s preparation day to have a Bible study. The experience I had while I was there was one that could never be reciprocated anywhere else.

What was the most important thing I learned at this 52 Godly women meeting?

The most important thing I learned while at this Godly woman meeting was to not tell God what to do during your prayer time. You have to listen to God’s voice.

Other bonus things I learned:

  • How to spike a set
  • How to direct a show of 5-year-olds – 5th graders (Hint, it takes patience.)

In case you have forgotten why I am doing this, be reminded of my other blog post. If you haven’t read it, here is the link to it. As always, if you want updates, I am giving away a free coloring page if you subscribe to my mailing list here. Thanks for reading, Sparkles. As always, sparkles away!!!

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