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My new job!!!

Sorry, my post is late today. I was at my new job. My job is at The Swim Center in Rex, Georgia. I am now a private instructor as well as a teacher’s assistant. I am super pumped!!! The Swim Center’s website is www.theswimcenter.com. If you would like to learn with me in private lessons, go to the website and register with me – Miss Faith P.

School is also starting soon, and there are going to be lots of germs, so I am putting a link in here for some disenfecting wipes to kill germs. Here it is:

Thanks for reading, Sparkles, and I’ll post a new post next week.

Sparkles Away!!!!!

– The Sparkler

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  1. Johnny , pawpaw. says:

    This is a great post Faith, I like it

  2. Phyllis Peavey says:

    Hello, Miss Sparkler, Congratulations on you new job as swim instructor. Sounds like fun in the sun. Your forever mono.

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