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My New Job – Virtual Assistant

Hey Sparkles! Happy Friday! For today’s Family Friday post, I am writing about my new-ish job as a virtual assistant for my mentor, Rhea Perry.

I started this job on Friday, April 24, after a call with Mama Rhea where she mentioned wanting to hire someone as an intern. I am getting to take Jo Dee’s Virtual Assistant Course in barter for some of my hours of work. I’ve found it very helpful in learning new things and brushing up on things I already knew.

So far, I have assisted Mama Rhea on her team Zoom calls, ran virtual training for Mariott on Zoom, and worked through the Virtual Assistant Course.

In the four days I worked last month, I ended up with 8 hours of work under my belt. I’ve already gone over that in the 2 days I worked this month. Of course, that was with a long session of training both days.

I will be doing travel training like this weekly, for various brands across the board, from Mariott to Disney to Hawaii to destination weddings.

So far in the virtual assistant course, I have learned about Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, LastPass, Survey Monkey, Google Calendar, Google Keep, Zoom, Google Groups, Google Voice, Aweber, Mail Chimp, WordPress, and Acuity Scheduling. I’ll probably learn some more today.

I’ve even made a resume for my client, Kat Simpson, detailing all the skills I have as a virtual assistant. I charge $10/hour for any task, and I hope to get enough clients to support myself and lay enough aside to buy a vehicle of my own when I am old enough.

My visual resume for my new job is below.

New Job visual resume

 I still have three more weeks of worldview class, but after that, I will be free to set my schedule of work and fun. My summer plans are still up in the air due to coronavirus, but we shall see.

Well, that’s all I have for you today, Sparkles. If you would like to hire me for your virtual assistant needs, please email me at sparklebandafaith@gmail.com. I will get to your request as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away!!!

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