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Non-Candy Valentine’s Day ideas for kids

Hey Sparkles! Happy Friday! For today’s Family Friday blog post, I decided to write about some non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas, for those people who have allergies.

My family doesn’t eat candy, so we always just make cards. However, just because the cards don’t have candy attached doesn’t mean they can’t be creative. So, I looked up several of the best non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas, and this is what I came up with.

EOS Lip Balm Valentine Card “You’re the Bomb”
Dinosaur-themed Valentine’s Day cards
Bubbles – “Your friendship blows me away.”
Healthy snacks Valentine’s Day
Bee Mine handprint

Well, that’s all for today, Sparkles. Which one did you like best? Are there any other ideas you have? Tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away!

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  1. This was not only thoughtful, but full of creative ideas and if I don’t like these, then I can create others using these as starting points for other non-candy Valentine cards. I’m planning to do this for Grandma Bubbly. I think she’d really like the version with fruit & juice as sweets since she’s diabetic. This really hits the spot, young lady.
    Did you know St. Valentine was a real person? He was imprisoned by the Roman Empire government for his claiming Christ Jesus as LORD, and refusing to do the same for Caesar? The jailer’s daughter brought him his meals and on the eve before his execution for his faith in Christ, he wrote her a note and placed it on his meal tray, thanking her for being kind to him and telling her of the love of Christ-not his personal love or romantic love, but of agape’ or God’s love for her. That note is considered the first ever ‘Valentine’. The next day he was martyred/murdered for his faith in Christ.
    Granddaddy Mike

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