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Ray Kroc – The man who made McDonalds into a franchise

Hey Sparkles! Happy Monday! For today’s Monday Moment post, I am writing about the man who had a bigger vision for McDonald’s: Ray Kroc.

Ray Kroc has been called “fast food’s founding father.” He was born in 1902 and grew up to sell restaurant products including paper cups and milk-shake mixers. He visited many inexpensive resteraunts, and gained much experience in the fast food business, however, it was not until he was 52 years old that he had the idea that would transform the existing franchise fast food industry.

Kroc’s insight came while visiting a California, burger bar. He was wondering why it needed the capacity to make 40 milkshakes at a time. While on his discovery mission, he became inspired by the operation’s simplicity and efficiency. The McDonald brothers had eliminated wait staff, china plates, and dining options in favor of assembly-line burgers and fries from a limited menu served on paper plates with plastic utensils. Without all the extra amenities, the food was priced much cheaper. The restaurant was sparkling clean, the workers were efficient, and the customers were lining up.

Ray Kroc made a deal with the brothers to franchise their restaurant throughout the country, with a driving mission of uniformity and value, but after a quarrel, he bought the entire business. Forty years later, there were more than 18,000 McDonald’s franchises throughout the world. The first McDonald’s franchise under Kroc’s management opened in his home state of Illinois in 1955. Kroc’s mission was to apply Henry Ford’s assembly-line efficiency technique to hamburgers. The model for restaurant chains as well as American capitalism, McDonald’s continues to expand today. Kroc died on this date in 1984.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    It’s amazing how one man with a vision can be very successful. I see you becoming successful and I’m expecting you will accomplish great things. It’s exciting watching you mature and you already are headed for success. I love you.

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