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Hi Sparkles,

Today I want to tell you a story. A few weeks ago my family was taking a walk around our neighborhood to, as my mother put it, “get our exercise in.” When we were coming back, our next door neighbor told us to come over and test this new chair he was making out of pvc pipes and cloth. We did and somehow the conversation came around to who sewed the cloth. Our neighbor said his wife did and asked if I could sew. I told him yes and we went on home, as it was getting late.

The next day, he came over to our house with a chair seat and some doll clothes for me to sew for a 13.2″ Ty Girlz Doll. I sewed them within the week and got paid $7 for all of it. If you would like to get some clothes for your doll or the pattern to sew them with, use the Contact Us form on the contact page. Remember, the password is “Sparkles.”

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Sparkles Away

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  1. Mono says:

    I really like it that you can sew, Faith. you are very creative

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