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Swim Team 2018

Hey Sparkles! Happy Family Friday! Today’s post is about my summer of doing swim team.

I swam on a neighborhood swim team in Jonesboro called the Fairfield Area Swim Team. We were the F.A.S.T. sharks. The tagline was Swim F.A.S.T. or be shark¬†bait. I had some really good times this year. My fastest time was, of course, a 50-yard Freestyle. I swam that in 40.17 seconds. My breaststroke is my next best stroke. I don’t remember the time, but now that I finally got the breaststroke kick to where it is legal, I am doing much better. My backstroke is okay, I guess, but I seem to be unable to swim in a straight line. My butterfly is the absolute worst, though. I know how to do the stroke in theory, but my shoulders don’t like doing the arm motion involved. It hurts a lot.

The only time I am truly myself is when I am in the water. Maybe I am secretly a mermaid. Unfortunately, I don’t get a tail and a bikini top. My sisters have been begging me to get them a mermaid tail on Amazon, but I think they might break it or something. I absolutely love The Little Mermaid, even though I have never seen the movie, I have been in the musical.

That’s all for today, Sparkles. Come back Monday for an informational post on a volcano in New Zealand. Subscribe¬†to my email list for updates and a free adult coloring page. Read my other Family Friday posts here. Sparkles away!

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