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Teaching the importance of voting to children

Hey Sparkles! Voting day is coming up soon, and since this is important for our country’s future, I decided to write about it.

In my city, the big thing being voted on is whether to allow the better half to split off and become its own city or not. The stuck-up people in that area believe that their progress is being held back by the ghetto-like reputation of my city. There are signs everywhere in the city saying “Vote ‘Yes'” and “Vote ‘No.'” Sometimes I wonder how effective those signs are for people. I know I notice them, but do other people? The signs like that are not very informative of what the voter is supposed to be voting yes or no for. I guess the people that make them assume everyone knows about the issue. It has become a big deal.

Taxes will go up for everyone because the same number of people will have to support two governments instead of one. Everything will be more expensive for everyone in both cities, not to mention the reputation of my city will be even worse. This is a very important election for all parties.

Well, that’s all I have for today, Sparkles. Don’t forget to go vote (or tell your parents to.) Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away.

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