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University of Georgia College Visit

Hey Sparkles! Happy Friday! Today’s blog post is about my next college visit: to the University of Georgia.

I did a lot of different things at this college visit. First, I had an 8:30 am general information session and tour. That was about the whole of UGA in general. Then, I toured the entrepreneurship department, and the new building called Studio 225. On the first floor, there was a large meeting/classroom area where everything was on wheels. The goal of that room was for it never to be set up the same way twice. It was really intriguing. Downstairs, there was a 3D-printer for making prototypes, and offices for current students’ businesses that met certain benchmarks. There were also several presentation rooms and phone booths for making business calls.

After touring the entrepreneurship department, I went to an honors information session, similar to the one at Kennesaw State. However, this one had no fancy slideshow, and was in a dark room. Instead of feeling welcoming, it felt unatainable.

After the honors visit, my mother and I took a tour of the theatre department. That was really cool, because there are so many different theatre opportunities, from majoring in theatre to student-run theatre clubs. In the fine arts building, there were two auditoriums. One was a beautiful big stage with traditional audience seating, and the other was the cellar theatre, which had a kind of blackbox feel to it.

My favorite part of the whole day, however, was meeting with a girl that I once did a play with and hearing her perspective on UGA. She was able to offer insight on which dorms to avoid – the “party dorms” – and what it was like being a triple-major.

However, I did not think the University of Georgia was the right fit for me. It just didn’t really “click” with me. Also, the college is too big, and football is too much of a focus for me to be comfortable there.

Well, that’s all for today, Sparkles. Be sure to go back and read all of my college adventures, and come back next week for a post about my visit to the University of Tampa. Thanks for reading, and Sparkles away!

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